6 September 2020
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Note: Please remember that some information about this topic is based on my personal experience, so others may have different firsthand experiences and views.  

Switching to Reusable Sanitary Pads for your monthly cycle is the best decision you can ever make. 

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  1. Reusable Sanitary Pads made from new organic materials, 100% cotton fleece fabric (they are made of biodegradable and environment-friendly materials), the best for both comfort and absorbance.  
  2. The most important benefit of reusable sanitary pads is that it is ‘reusable’.  
  3. The pad is good for health, it promotes well-being. 
  4. Better for the environment by reducing non-biodegradable waste. 
  5. It’s hygienic, doesn’t leak at all, and is easier to wash. 
  6. Super soft and delicate against your skin so you hardly feel like you’re wearing a pad.  
  7. Cloth pads have wings that stay in place to help hold the pad in place. There’s no adhesive so you never get your pubic hair accidentally pulled. 
  8. The designs are much prettier than disposable ones.  
  9. They are very simple to use. 
  10. It can be used for periods, vaginal discharge or light-bladder leakage (LBL), and incontinence.  
  11. You’ll Save Money– Investing in Reusable Sanitary Pads is worth it as it will last for a very long time, and can save you over €200 a year.

* The cost of buying disposable pads month after month is loads of money. Disposable napkins put women at an increased risk for menstrual cramps, vaginal infection, irritation, or chafing (rashes) as it contains potentially hazardous ingredients, such as toxic, cancer-causing chemical, plastic chemicals, odor neutralizers, and fragrances. None of these chemicals are listed on the label. 

How many pads do I need?

Depending on your flow, how often you need to change pads, the length of your cycle, and the heaviness of your flow. In general, a decent cloth pad for let’s say 5-day period (since it’s washable) should be about 9 pads of different sizes. 

Do Reusable Sanitary Pads smell? 

Cloth pads tend to stay odor-free and feel fresh than disposable pads. The cloth pad has a first layer of Bamboo Charcoal fabric that allows breathing and eliminates odors. Is 4x stronger in its absorption rate? The porous structure of bamboo charcoal provides countless tiny holes that effectively absorb odors, moisture, and polluted air particles such as formaldehyde, ammonia, and benzene. 

Reusable Sanitary Pads in Colors and Sizes  

The pads available in gorgeous flower/animal prints, come in 3 sizes – Panty-liners (S), Regular Flow (M), and Heavy Flow (L). They are highly durable and designed to use for many years.  

S-18.5*20.5 cm

M-25.5×18 cm

L-18×33 cm

It includes a wet bag so that you can easily transport it. The bag measurement is about 14×18 cm. 

How to use Sanitary Pads? 

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How to wash? 

Personally, I prefer hand washing instead of washing machines. The cloth will last even longer. 

1841572534 777170899*You might want to share with me your experience of using Reusable Sanitary Pads. Some advice, and recommendations. Comment down below. 

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