21 September 2020
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WARNING: The following post has images that maybe disturbing to some readers.  

Having a good set of period underwear is the key to sleeping tight at night during your menstruation. What exactly are period underwear? It looks and feel just like normal underwear, an underwear that are specially designed for periods. It has like menstrual liquid-proof layer to prevent leaks should a tampon fail to offer. In short, built-in protection. Chel Caboodle Leak-Proof Period Underwear made from 100% cotton pure cotton material. Proven as the most Effective prevention of menstrual heavy leakage. It has bamboo fibers to absorb quickly. It is Reusable. These period panties are for every woman.  

Have a look on the image below, it’s an uncomfortable situation for all of us women, aren’t? The set of Chel Caboodle period underwear solve all of our Biggest Period Problems. 



During menstruation period, this is a great companion to cloth sanitary pads. Panties need to use together with cloth sanitary napkin, this can’t replace the cloth sanitary napkin.  



  1. Wide, Long, High quality 3-layer leak-proof barrier Effective Prevention of Menstrual Leakage.
  2. Stretchable. Elastic Waist-Super Soft and Comfortable.
  3. Breathable. Anti-bacterial. Odorless 
  4. Bacteriostatic crotch Not Itchy to Wear.
  5. Dye Cloth-Not Fading and No Shrinking from Repeated Washing. 
  6. Smooth Cutting for Precise Shaping.
  7. Skin-Friendly and Environment-Friendly.
  8. Quick Absorption. Not Sticky. Dry.
  9. Lightweight. Do not Loosen.
  10. Seamless. Tag less.



Period Underwear. Real solutions for today’s women.


 Like the normal underwear, they also come in a wide range of sizes, from S to 3XL.  

How to choose Period Underwear Colors? 

In general, when you’re on period, it makes sense to wear a set of undies that are in dark colors so they won’t show blood stain. In Chel Caboodle shop, we recommend 6 gorgeous colors (Pink, Black, Nude, Blue, Gray and Purple). 

Period Underwear. Real solutions for today’s women.

 How to Wash/Clean the Period Underwear? 

Personally, I prefer hand-washing instead of washing machine. And a big NO to machine drying. The cloth will last even longer. 

  1. Soak the underwear in cold water. Pre-wash.   
  1. Use soap and wash them like you would wash your other clothing. 
  2. Never use hot water (always use cold water). Hot water will fix the blood stains on the cloth.   
  3. Air drying recommended.  

*You might want to share with us your experience of using Reusable Sanitary Pads. Some advice, recommendation. Comment down below.


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