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Who Am I?

Hi there! I just wrote my first blog today (April 30, 2020) as a community for Shein fans. If you love Shein Apparel or if you’ve been buying Shein Clothes, Bags, Shoes, you’ll feel right at home here. I’m still learning, too, but I love to share things as I discover the Shein brand. As a matter of fact, I listed some Shein Clothes, Shoes, Bags on my site from my collection. Feel free to browse.  

And if you love Yourself and the Environment, use Reusable Sanitary Pads. Don’t missed to read my second blog “WHY SWITCH TO REUSABLE SANITARY PADS?” this might change your life… 

I’m Chelleke. A graduate of BS in Information Technology, though with limited relevant experience in other I.T specialization. I have years of experience in SEO (Search Engine Optimization)In my opinion, Skills and Knowledge is more important than Experience. As long as you have the skills with managing a website, be it a blog or e-commerce site, and you’re knowledgeable on certain topic, it will be fine. I also have years of experience in Digital Marketing. 

A Few Words About My Site

I believe "Chel Caboodle" founded a long time ago by heart, but just this year is the right timing to bring it ON-line. I am the only designer and founder of my site. This page aims to write blogs. In the other side, an e-commerce site. Do you love Shopping? Online Shopping is Better. Chel Caboodle is offering various Women Products such as Reusable Sanitary Pads, Clothing, Shoes/Bags. Lowest prices across any Online Shop. Browse along my page and enjoy shopping!
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I offer Free Shipping Worldwide for the Reusable Sanitary Pad Starter Kit. 

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Best Quality

Your satisfaction is my business goal! I only provide you with the best quality products.

Save On|Use Organic Sanitary Pads/Dress Up/Look Good
Lowest Price

Unbeatable Low Prices. I also give a wholesale discount for bulk purchase. Contact me: chelcaboodle@gmail.com

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Secure Payments

A secure payment web page where credit card numbers being entered is secured via Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) 256-bit encryption thus protecting the sensitive details.

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